Work With Us

If you’re interested in working with SANZ, there are a few things you should know. We do offer opportunities for people to represent SANZ through a home-based business but we are not a network marketing company. The distribution of our products to a discerning and caring customer is our goal – and for helping us do that, you can be generously rewarded. There are no quotas, only minimum purchases.

There are two ways you can purchase SANZ Skincare and one option allows you to earn an additional income at your own pace.

Wholesale Dealer

You are an independent operator responsible for all income or sales tax on the sales of the product. This program is set-up to allow the individual who wants to represent the product line and make the most possible income and save the most for their family. This program allows you to service 15 customers and make in excess of $10,000 per year plus the home based business tax advantages, be sure to consult with your own account or tax professional with respect to these advantages. You must purchase 15 packs of the products. A pack includes one of each product. You will receive a 50% discount which is $62.50 per pack for a total of $937.50 plus the shipping and processing fee of $12.50 (note that shipping alone is a minimum of $40 cost). You can sell the product at any price you desire but we recommend the retail price and in doing so you will make a 100% return on your investment $937.50. In order to maintain your Wholesale Dealer pricing on reorders, you must place a minimum order of $500.


Size Item Retail Pricing Wholesale Dealer Pricing
6 oz. Shampoo $12.50 ea. $6.25 ea.
6 oz. Conditioner $12.50 ea. $6.25 ea.
6 oz. Body Wash $12.50 ea. $6.25 ea.
6 oz. Lotion $12.50 ea. $6.25 ea.
4 oz. Gentle Cleanser $19.00 ea. $9.50 ea.
4 oz. Organic Aloe + Tea Tree $12.00 ea. $6.00 ea.
1 oz Organic Oil $15.00 ea. $7.50 ea.
1 oz Eye Serum $29.00 ea. $14.50 ea.