Sanz Free is a registered LLC in the State of Florida. Leading the launch of SANZ is Company President Lisa Nicarry, who boasts an impressive understanding of the organic and natural personal care market.

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I absolutely love the shampoo and conditioner!  It thoroughly hydrates but doesn’t weigh my hair down.  My hair and scalp feel so healthy. I also love the fact that it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals or synthetic emulsifiers that build up in your hair over time.  It is perfectly balancing and safe for my entire family.

Alisha S., Annville, PA, / Professional Anesthetist

I really like this Body Wash.  Nice clean smell – not flowery.  I am a farrier by trade and work outdoors with horses all the time.  It cleans good and I don’t have to use a lot for a good job.

Patrick N., Fredericksburg, PA, / Customer